Business Plan Submission

Business Plan Submission - 2019

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  • Non-Disclosure Agreement

    I understand that throughout the duration of this competition, I will view materials that may contain intellectual property or confidential information (“Information”) of participants. I agree that this Information is, and will remain, the sole property of the disclosing party.

    If I assist, aid, or in any other way gain knowledge of a competing team’s information, I will take all reasonable efforts to hold the Information in strict confidence. I will not copy, reproduce, or generally disclose the Information without specific permission from the disclosing participant.

    Should the Information become public knowledge during the course of the competition or thereafter, the above restrictions will no longer apply.

  • Participant Agreement

    To Chinook Entrepreneur Challenge (CEC):

    I hereby understand and agree to the following terms and conditions:

    The Organizing Committee, Advisory Board, affiliates, including speakers, screeners, judges, sponsors, committee members, each individual Community Futures office (including the Board of Directors thereat) participating in the CEC, and any others acting with or on behalf of the CEC (the "Organizers") will take reasonable steps to preserve the confidentiality of my business plan and possible trade secrets. However, I understand that the Organizers take no responsibility or liability for any loss or damages incurred by me, my team or my business as a result of my participation in the CEC. In consideration of my participation in the CEC, I hereby release the Organizers involved in the CEC from any liabilities of any kind arising from my participation.

    I hereby grant the Organizers the right to publish my picture, voice and likeness and any video images for training, informational or promotional purposes without further notification or consultation. This information may also be published or posted on various social media sites, such as Facebook. I authorize Community Futures Lethbridge Region, who hosts the CEC, to provide my registration information to my nearest participating Community Futures office for business support.

    I understand that many of the Organizers are volunteers and under no obligation to provide services to me throughout the CEC.

    I understand that the CEC is intended to foster the development of high growth and sustainable enterprises and that the prizes awarded are to be used by December 31, 2019, directly for the benefit and advancement of the business for which I have submitted the business plan.

    I understand that my business must be located within the Challenge Region and that I have not been a grand prize winner of the CEC in the last five years.

    If the business plan is being submitted on behalf of an existing business, I also confirm that my submission outlines expansion plans; the business has fewer than 20 full or part time employees, that its’ annual revenues are between $5,000 and $500,000 and that its’ capitalization is between $10,000 and $500,000. Existing businesses must not exceed $500,000 in annual revenues.

    Decisions made by the Organizing Committee are final. The Organizing Committee has the right to refuse entry to, or terminate the entry of, any individual or team, in accordance with this Handbook. Decisions made by the Organizing Committee, the screeners, the Judges or any of the organizers are final and not subject to review or appeal.

    I have read and understood the Participant Handbook.

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